Sunday, 15 July 2012

Primark's Detangler Brush

When I first saw this brush in a haul post I knew I had to have it. (Sorry, I cant remember the name of the blog!) For just £1.50 Primark's 'Detangler Brush' is the perfect alternative to the famous Tangle Teezer priced at £10.99.

Like the Tangle Teezer the Primark Detangler brush has with different length bristles designed to get through your hair and give pain free detangling. I don't personally own the Tangle Teezer, although while at a friends house (who happens to own the brush) we quickly compared these and both concluded that the Primark version made it through the hair so much faster and didn't get stuck like the tangle Teezer - A result we guessed from the difference in bristles (The Primark ones are much harder than the soft Tangle Teezer one)

I really like this brush and have found myself reaching for it daily, for just £1.50 its a complete bargain!


  1. Might look out for this, I've got really thick hair though so don't know how well it would cope!

    1. I think its worth a try for just £1.50 :]