Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Pound buys.

I keeping hearing great things about Poundland at the moment, So I went to have a look around for myself today. I was a little gutted that neither of my two poundlands seemed to have much Stila stock, although I did walk away with foundation sponges from the range which was pretty much the only thing they had other than 'whiting powder refills'. 

The 'stila angel light whiting powder foundation sponge' set comes compete with 3 packs each containing two sponges. Which feel lovely and I imagine would be handy to pack in an overnight bag rather than bothering with so many brushes. I look forward to trying these out with my current foundation. 

I was very happy to see this Collection mascara in there. I've been wanting to try 'Skyscraper' for a while and was willing to pay the full price (which I believe is £4.99), so at just a pound how could I say no? I tested it earlier and really liked the result - Hard to believe how little I paid for it.

Poundlands answer to the famous 'Chubby sticks'? I had to pick up this 'juicy lipstick' in 'Damson' to test that theory. Although I think I would have liked a lighter colour better, I'm willing to give it ago!

I'm always seeing Serums aimed at more mature types of skins, but never blemish prone. I really look forward to trying this Clearasil ultra overnight serum and will let you know how I get on.
Have you checked your local poundland lately for bargains?

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