Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The overnight bag.

The other night I stayed over at an old friends house, we stuffed our faces with pizza and stayed up to a silly time in the morning watching old twilight movies (Yes, we are very sad indeed) I haven't done much since apart from catching up with some sleep and watching Jezza. When I finally went to get ready this morning this is what was left in my make up bag - I'll spare you the boring stuff such as deodorant and tooth paste and get onto the 'fun' things..

When I say somewhere I like to take the basics, I don't want to bore them with my whole skincare routine, or carry around all those jars and bottles (I should have a part in that Olay advert haha) So refilling my Etat Pur Cleansing water bottle seemed like a good way to take my make off softly in one go without all the fuss - I cant believe I haven't reviewed this product yet because I love it so expect one very soon! I also packed my Tesco sensitive eye make up remover pads, which were only like £1.50 - They're great for removing eye make up in a couple of swipes and I would highly recommend them to anyone. The mini balance me face cream came in my skincare stars box, I've really liked using it and I still have loads left because you only need a little every time. I also packed a mini bottle of 'Ghost'

Make up wise was very simple, of course I had my beloved witch primer for a base! I've found myself reaching for my look BB cream although I didnt trust myself with the glass bottle so packed my dream fresh BB cream which leaves me lovely and glowy. As normal I had my trusty lash care mascara for my brows as well as my loreal telescopic and Soap and glory mascara for my lashes - I also packed my ELF eye lash curlers.Lastly but by no means least is the super liner from loreal which I am yet to review but I love it!

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