Saturday, 14 July 2012

No7 Voucher buys..

Boots seem to always be giving away these handy £5 off vouchers although I've never really been through what I've spent them on. So today I thought I'd share with you guys the things I brought with my latest round of vouchers which I believe was around June...

Quick Thinking wipes (£7.00)

I really want to say I would never normally spend £7 on a pack of face wipes, but for these I honestly think I would. I don't use these often but they're great for when you're not going to have a lot of time. I find myself reaching for these when ill and they just make me feel ten times better. The fact that you can keep these sealed just adds to the product,  I still  have a stash of these from previous No7 vouchers since they work out costing just £2 a pack, but I still find every time I get another voucher the first thing I do is stock up on even more because its such good value.

Eye Make up Remover (£8.50)

I was a little gutted by the poor reviews on the Boots website because I quite like this make-up remover although I think most of those negative reviews are in regard to the new packaging which I can deal with to be honest. I recall paying less than £3 for this with my voucher, so I think Boots have upped the price a little - Although £3.50 with a voucher is still a good deal, I find this remover leaves my eye area feeling moisturised around the eye area as it removes all traces of make up - I will be buying again!

Melting Gel Cleanser for Normal/Dry skin (£9.00)

I dont particularly have dry skin, but I was interested by this product and at just £4.00 with my voucher I figured I'd give it a go. I did like this product, It left my skin feeling incredibly moisturised both times I used it. Although I need to give myself a longer period of time to test it in (And I'm terrible at sticking to a cleansing routine!) I'll let you guys know how I get on when I finally get the will power to stop buying skincare products and use up what I have!

Stay Perfect Top Coat (£7.00)

This is my second bottle of this top coat! I love how quick drying it is and the look it adds to my nails, for just £2 with my voucher this is a bargain and I would happily by it over and over again!

Amazing Eyes Liner (£8.75)

Again this is another product I quite like and was shocked by the terrible reviews, I love how brush allows you to control the thickness of the line! Saying that I have only used this a handful and times and will have to finish the tube to decide if I will be buying again!

What are you favourite No7 goodies to stock up on?


  1. Nice buys! I've been wondering about their melting gel cleanser as it seems like a nice cheaper alternative to the Elemis one. Usually I buy something different to try with my No7 vouchers. :) x

    1. I do like it, I'm just so bad with staying loyal to one product, When I finally do I'll do a post on it alone! I wish I had a bigger No7 stand, I see so many amazing things online but they never have them in store - I think next I want to try their take on Hot cloth cleanser! x

  2. You got some great buys, the eyeliner sounds awesome. I don't really get much No7 literally only buy the stuff when I have the money off voucher.


    1. I do like it, I just find I'm too lazy to use it half the time! I've been leaning towards the felt tip ones because they just feel so much easier.
      Me too, I just don't see the point in paying out so much when they always have this offer and I love the No7 sale every xmas (I always stock up on the gift sets then) haha x

  3. Think I'm gonna get the wipes today whilst I have a voucher-good timing too as I've just ran out of my other ones. Bonus that they are resealable hate it when they all dry out

    1. I love the lid on them! It's so handy :]

  4. I'm always stuck on what to buy with my No7 vouchers but this post has helped me out alot!
    Great post, thank you

    1. Thank you, I love reading your blog x