Friday, 13 July 2012

Natural Collection:Wild Strawberry Body Cream

When I was younger, I loved the natural collection from Boots and owned pretty much the whole wild strawberry collection. Since then I have developed an unhealthy love for all things body shop which are around five times the price of the Natural collection  so when I saw this 250ml tub for £3.50 I figured I'd give it ago in the hope that It would be a cheaper alternative to my beloved body butters.

This was the last one on the shelf which left me a little gutted because the two layers had already mixed together in store, Although I managed to capture the above image of the side which still had the patten intact. 

The body cream has to layers to it a gel like one and a cream, I think they work well together although I wouldn't be about to use them alone as I find the gel too oily and the cream doesn't spread well alone.

For the price, I quite like this body cream. Personally I find the scent a little too artificial but after application it fades into a more subtle smell, It leaves my skin feeling lovely and I would consider buying again, You can pick this up for £3.50 at Boots here.


  1. Oh, I remember these! Childhood memories for me haha. I wonder if they still have all the other "flavours" in stock. I might give these another go but I always feel the need to stir them up with a stick (like paint). :p x

    1. I'm trying to keep the swirls in place as long as I can, haha! It doesn't beat my Body Butters by far, But Its a nice change every now and then :]