Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My first muastore.co.uk order

I mentioned earlier that my look beauty order  came in the post today along with my first order from MUA, So i figured I'd tell you a little about my experience with the website  as personally I really like to know what a website is like before I order from them. I ordered these on Friday the 29th of June and received them this morning (Tuesday the 3rd of July) which was a bit of a srupirse since my order was still 'processing' on the mua website yesterday night- Its changed to 'compete' now.

I was very happy that my eyeshadow palettes were well guarded in bubble wrap (I'm an amazing blogger clearly, managing to take pictures before I tore that bubble wrap to sherds) Here's a closer look at what I brought:

The Undressed palette was first on my list and worth every penny of the 400 I paid for it, there's a great bunch of colours here, and I'll be posting about this ASAP!

Next up is a lovely lipstick called 'bare' , I've wanted this for so so so so so long - But they never have it in stock near to me and I can see why the colour is lovely! At just £1 this is great value for money!

I've wanted a felt liner for ages, so for just £2 this seemed like a good place to start, I look forward to using it!

This eyebrow pencil in blonde was just a £1, I'm not too sure about the way it looks on me so I cant say I think I'll get much use out of it. 

Last but not least was the new 'going for gold' palette - which was free for spending over £8. I love a good freebie, especially when its something I would have ended up buying anyway.

All of this lovely stuff came to the grand total of just £10.95 with shipping! I was very happy with the service MUA had to offer and will be shopping there again since its so hard to get the professional line in my local superdrug stores!

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