Saturday, 7 July 2012

Loud lips: Tangerine cream

Following my thoughts on 'Baby doll' Thursday, I figured I'd show you the next shade look beauty have to offer. Shade two is appropriately named 'Tangerine cream', The shade is a light orangey colour with a hint of pink thrown into the mix (Although I'm rubbish at describing shades, That's what the pictures are for!)

Again I'm in love with the packaging, its so stylish yet grown up at the same time! The lipsticks come packaged in a cute little box rather than just sealed with plastic which for me is a lovely extra touch. 

The magnet just sells this lipstick to me - It makes it look so much higher end than its reasonable £7 price tag! (Plus its fun to play with)

I love the colour the lipstick gives, Finally the wearable orange shade I have been searching for! It can be a little patchy when applying on the lips - But I find if you trace over the lips with your fingers It looks lovely!
You can pick this lipstick up for £7 here, or in selected Superdrug stores.

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