Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July Favourites

Loreal Super Liner Perfect Slim (£6.99)

When I saw this for just £3.99 in Superdrug I jumped at the chance to buy it - Loreal's perfect slim allows me to create a mess free line on my upper lash line in one quick motion, making it a complete winner in my eyes.

Look Double Hit Lip in Rose Riot (£8.00)

This is a great little three in one product which allows you to experiment with a few different lip looks, I love the colour of this and cant wait to try even more shades!

Clean and Clear Dual Moisturiser (£2.00/100ml)

I posted the other day about how much I loved this product, Its a great moisturiser and a total steal at just £2! 

Angelica Hydration Cream (£29.00/50ml)

I got this in Glamour months ago, and think its amazing - Although I didn't think I could quite take spending that much on a moisturiser when the clean and clear one works out £28.00 cheaper per 100ml!

MUA Heaven and Earth palette (£4.00)

I have used this pretty much everyday for the past month, I think it's great and such a bargain at just £4.00, I think everyone should have one of these little palettes in their make up bag!

Look Loud Lips in Toffee Cup (£7.00) 

I love this shade, It is the perfect mix between brown and pink! Such a lovely packaging design for a high street product!

Look Flawless Fix BB Foundation in light (£10.00)

Yet another Look beauty product! I've been using this daily and love the way it leaves my skin - A must have in my make up bag!

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