Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ebay Ecotools Brush set!

Over the past few months I've seen a few bloggers post about how they've brought these little sets from Ebay sellers for under £4 and have been left very impressed. So naturally when I had the money in my bank account, I went on the hunt for Ecotool brushes. I needed a concealer brush so I figured ordering the 6 piece brush set seemed like a good idea as it came with one along with a blush brush, eye shading brush, eyeliner brush, Lash and brow groomer and brush roll for just £3.59! (with p&p)

I brought from this Ebay seller , and was very happy with the service given - I ordered pretty late on Saturday the 30th of June madly it was dispatched on the next day even though it was a Sunday. I was aware it wasn't going to be delivered over night because it had to come all the way from China - So I think 18 days is pretty acceptable (And I was told between the 17th and 1st of August).

At no point did I expect the brushes to be real EcoTools because of the stupidly cheap prise but when they got here I'm honestly debating if they are or not because they look exactly the same as the product on the Boots website right down to the packaging and they feel AMAZING! 

Sadly my Lash and brow Groomer was snapped, I assume in transit but I don't blame the seller at all for that, and I honestly probably wouldn't have used it. I've just finished washing the brushes before I test them out, So I'll let you guys know how I get on. If it goes well I'm tempted to order even more brush sets!


  1. wow...I recently spent almost £20 on these'm gutted at this post but I am going to buy more for my kit:)thanks

    1. Wow, That is pretty gutting! I guess they're worth it though they feel lovely x