Tuesday, 24 July 2012

ColorTrend: plumped pink lipgloss

I'm pretty excited about ColorTend this month because when I was flicking through my friends Avon book I spotted that they had changed their packaging like I suspected in this post, I love the new look and have already put in an order for a couple of bits!

I picked this plumped pink lipgloss up for £2.50 from Avon (normal price £4) a few months ago, the purpley pink colour isn't something I would normally go for - But it looked so lovely on the model that I had to give it ago! The packaging is amazing, It's so unique and it really stands out against my other lip products. 

The gloss itself was lovely and pigmented as well as being comfortable to wear on the lips, It doesnt feel like other plumping lip products I've tried that sting - The only way I can sum up the feeling of this gloss is like a fresh feeling that only lasts around a few minutes before disappearing anyway. It isn't too sticky to wear and I can see myself wearing it lots over the summer.  What do you guys think of Colortrends new look!?

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