Sunday, 1 July 2012

Clearskin Professional...

I think I pretty much own the whole of the Clearskin Professional range that has been available in the UK and I have to say I'm pretty impressed! I currently own;  Clearskin Professional Deep pore cleansing scrub ,  Clearskin Professional Clarifying Toner Pads , Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion , Clearskin Professional Thermal Mask , Clearskin Professional Blemish Treatment and the Clearskin Professional Invisible Blemish Treatment - And my skin is in pretty good shape.

These six products are amazingly priced in the UK, I received the scrub, toner pads, correcting lotion and blemish mask treatment in a set for just £10, I picked the invisible blemish treatment and the thermal mask for just £2 each in the sale - So I paid just £14 pound for the lot! So I was pretty surprised when I saw the American prices; The three step system (Scrub, toner pads and lotion) comes together as an Acne Treatment system priced at a massive $33.00, The blemish treatment $12, blemish mask treatment $12 and the thermal mask $12 totaling a massive $69 (About £44) compared to my tiny £14.

 I figured I'd tell you about these products individually. First up if the scrub from the three step system along with the other two products I use this nightly. Avon say this 'Cools and exfoliates to reveal fresher and brighter skin, dissolving and controlling pore-clogging dirt and oil for a shine-free look. With Salicylic Acid to remove dirt and oil and Glycolic Acid to exfoliate and reveal new skin. Massage over face to dissolve por-clogging dirt, and rinse well' I've found that together these products give amazing results and have completely converted me! Currently this is on sale for just £2.75 pick yours up here.

The second step is the Clearskin Professional Clarifying Toner Pads, In one tub you get enough to last you  a whole 45 days. Avon say 'Tones, calms and soothes skin, leaving it squeaky clean, refreshed and smoother. Formulated to help restore the balance of sebum, without over-dying skin. Gently smooth over cleansed skin to leave it feeling refreshed' After using these my skin sometimes stings a little in the areas I have blemishes, but its worth it seeing the results after just a couple of weeks - These are also on sale for just £2.75 get yours here.

Thirdly is the Daily correcting Lotion -  I love how you can target the areas you want with this. Avon say 'Smoothes skin, visibly minimises pores and controls oil for a shine-free finish. Use after Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub and Clarifying Toner Pads. After cleansing, smooth over affected area morning and evening. If dryness occurs use less frequently. Apply twice daily to help minimise pores and prevent blemishes' - Unlike the other two, I use this twice a day and love it. Its also half price right now for just £3.50 here

Like the 3 step skincare system I got this next item in the £10 set,  I love the idea of the roller ball on the Blemish treatment mask - Sadly its gone walk abouts on Avon's website just months after I recall it launching, which is gutting. I've only gotten around to using it one but it left my skin feeling lovely!

I try to use the Clear Pore Thermal Mask monthly - I've had it for ages  now and I still have loads left. I love the heating effect it gives and the way my skin feels afterwards - Sadly like the Blemish Treatment mask its vanished from Avon's website without a trace meaning I have no idea of the of Avon's claims or the cost.

Lastly is the Invisible Blemish treatment as I mentioned before I got this in the Avon sale for just £2 a while ago but I recall this costing £5 normally and in my opinion worth every penny - This is possible the fastest working spot treatment I've ever come across. Like the rest of the clearskin Professional range I love it!

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