Friday, 6 July 2012

Balance Me goodies with Glamour

I'm a sucker for a good magazine freebie and this one caught my eye from the moment I saw it in last months issue of Glamour. I've said time and time again that I do have a love for Glamour, while without the freebies I wouldn't buy it (or any other magazines for that matter) I love how they offer such amazing freebies like Nails inc, Benefit and even L'Occitane for just £2! Admittedly the L'Occitane issue was priced at £2.49 - But let me tell you the hydration cream was worth every penny of that extra 49p!

This months august issue offers readers a choice of Balance me's; Pure skin face wash,Wonder Eye Cream, Balancing Face Moisturise and Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve. I went for the lip salve purely because I need another lip product to add to my oversized lip product collection. But I can see myself going back for the Face wash and moisturiser by the end of this month (Why not at just £2 a pop). The eye cream just doesn't appeal to me purely because I just wouldn't use it - But I still think this is a great selection of goodies! 

So far I really like this 'Lip Slave' - It leaves my lips looking glossy and feeling nourished, I will post a full review once I've had the chance to really test the product. 
Will you be buying this months Glamour?

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