Thursday, 19 July 2012

2true Cheek 'n' Lip tint.

I've always loved the look of the Benefit Cheek and lip tints, but being a student paying out so much money for something I'm likely to use twice isn't an option. So when I saw these 2true 'cheek 'n' lip tints popping up from Superdrugs £1.99 brand, I had to have one! There are two shades available a rose tinted stain, and this blush pink one. I went for this one as I felt the blush of pink would suit my pale skin tone more.

The packaging reminds me of that you're likely to see housing nail polishes, complete with a brush to apply the tint. 'To use: Brush and blend quickly with finger tips. For lips: Dot on lips and blend with fingertips' The initial colour can be a little over whelming (what, with it being the brightest pink I've ever seen and all) but following the instructions this blends into a lovely flush of colour!

This natural looking colour and is a compete steal at just £1.99 - Available from selected Superdrug stores.

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