Thursday, 28 June 2012

Twist and out nail polish remover

Instant nail polish removers seem to be popping up everywhere since the launch of Bourjois' Magic nail polish remover and I can see why, The idea of being to take off your nail polish almost instantly with no mess or fuss is pretty much a dream for me. Which is why I was pretty excited when I saw this alternative version for just 79p in savers!

Twist and Out promises quick, compact and no fuss nail polish removal and it delivered on all of these promises removing all traces of my nail varnish. For the price it was great although I did have a few small problems with this, for example; I disliked the way the lid got in the way a bit when removing the nail polish, the sponge moved far too much sometimes to the point I was lifting it out with my finger and the plastic feels a little weak (although strong enough to survive my handbag!)

Dont get me wrong the results are great, you can see them here for yourself:

I'll be stocking up on these babies, for just 79p you really cant go wrong!

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