Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Moisture shine lipstick: Rose Petal

I've seen this lipstick being raved about on a few blogs now, so figured it was about time I tried it for myself.

My first thoughts where that it was more pigmented that my 'sorbet' and 'Lotus' sheer natural lip colours - which is when I noticed it was a different kind of lipstick from the natural collection and part of the 'moisture shine lipsticks' collection.

The lipstick itself is comfortable to wear - but nowhere near as moisturising as the sheer lip colours. Overall it's still a great buy at just £1.99 and a great colour to have in my fast growing lipstick collection


  1. I have two Natural Collection lipsticks which I like in formula but unfortunately, the colours aren't for me. Might give this one a try instead. Very pretty. :)

    1. For the price they're pretty amazing, this is my third one - But I know I'll be back for more :)

  2. Pretty shade. Looks nice on you.