Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Jelly Bean

I picked this polish up in this months issue in Marie Claire because the colour stood out to me more than the others (And it was a bloody good deal). Like all Ciate polishes 'Jelly bean' comes in the classic pretty bottle with an added bow to complete the look.

I wouldn't say the polish lasted a great amount of time, I recall a couple of days wear at most which was pretty disappointed for something normally so overpriced - Although even at the price of Marie Claire I've tried better polishes for a quid. If only the bottle wasn't so pretty!

In the end I paired this polish with Fantasy fire (which by the way, I had tones of images of ready for a review on until my laptop killed them!) The prettiness is too much for my eyes;

Overall I think buying Marie Claire is a great idea if you want to buy some Ciate at a lower price - But personally I wont be back for more - even if I did love the colour!


  1. Both colours look great. I will try this combo.