Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Belated May favourites

Normally I try to post these on the last day of the month, but this one has been pretty hectic! My laptop broke yet again meaning I don't have access to blogger until I get a new one ( seriously never bother with Dell I've had nothing but trouble!) I did download the app but a lot of the normal tools were missing and I'm wasn't happy to post like that, so I've drafted a few posts which I will schedule today so there's some reading material until I sort out my current laptop situation.

Anyway, last month was full of exams meaning I didn't get to try many new items; I loved the InStyle nail colour in peach sorbet and see myself wearing it a lot more throughout the summer! Have I spoke about my beloved Zinc Gluconate enough yet?! I'm still loving it and the effects on my skin, can't wait for my next order! I  love my natural collection lippy in lotus, it's perfect for everyday use and a bargain at just £1.99! Finally I am loving the body lotion I got free this month with easy living, if only the full size was a little cheaper!

So there you have it my favourites this month, It was amazing to come back after a few days without blogger to see I have over 20 followers! Thanks guys!

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