Sunday, 24 June 2012

17 Best of British Nail Art Kit

When I spotted this nail art kit on the 17 stand for just £5 I knew I had to have it - along with its sister product which I will do a post on soon. The limited addition kit offers perfect colours to help celebrate Britain; Knock out red, mini skirt and midnight sapphire (all the normal size of 8ml)

I absolutely adore the packaging of this, it even offers top tips and ideas keeping with the red, white and blue theme.

This kit is a total bargain, if you consider individually these polishes should cost £2.99 each and you're getting three for less than the price of two of them.

The thing I love most about this kit is the thin nail art style brush, at first I thought the brush would annoy the hell out of me when trying to paint the whole nail however I loved it, as it gave me greater control when painting the nail.

Here are some of my terrible attempts at nail art, I think the stripe one is my favourite - It was so easy to so and didn't turn out that bad!

What do you guys think of this kit?


  1. oh wow, that looks good!the brush is really fine

    1. I'm so happy I brought it, It's great!