Saturday, 12 May 2012

Wishlist weekend: Fashion

This weekend I figured I'd do things a little differently and show you some of the items I've been lusting over lately, Originally I was going to fit this into one post until I realised just how many things I want. So here goes the fashion side of things:

Converse  £39.99 | Blue dress £12.99 | Wavy Leatherette Clutch £13.75 | Dip Back Sleeveless shirt £12.99
I love my current converse although they're looking pretty worn now so I think its about time I picked up a new pair. My wardrobe is seriously lacking on the dress front, So I think these to beauties will fit the bill perfectly - I love the simplicity of the structured swing dress and the detail of the blue one. My current college bag is pretty battered so this distressed leatherette handbag looks like a great replacement, along with the clutch bag which is perfect for nights out. Lately I've had a thing for shirts so this white dip back looks like a great one to add to my collection. Lastly and probably my favourite thing here is the blazer from H&M, While £34.99 is quite expensive its worth every penny - I should be getting this sometime in the next week, and I cant wait!
I hope you enjoyed my first round of 'Wishlist weekend', Next up is beauty!

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