Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Today's bargains.

I was wasting a free lesson wondering around superdrug with a friend of mine when I spotted the reduced section - Which in my college's local superdrug is pretty neat, It looks like any other shelf with no yellow labels or huge 'reduced' signs - The only difference is the prices!You have to have a good look to spot the bargains, I spotted a section of 10p items, although they hadn't made a big deal of it really just a simple '10p' label where the pricing normally goes. Between the two of us we spent a grand total of 40p. Whilst she opted for some sort of curling creme and heat protection. I picked Tresemme's iron style & Hold spray along with Superdrug's straight Expertise straighting creme - Not bad for just 10p each!

Have you guys spotted any good deals in superdrug lately? I'm really happy with mine!

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