Monday, 14 May 2012

Revlon Lip Butter : Tutti Frutti

I've been promising individual posts on my Lip Butters for god knows how long now, But honestly Its taken me quite a while to figure out my thoughts on them. I wasn't particularly wowed by these which was pretty gutting at first, although I have warmed to them and found  they are pretty good (In fact I have a few more colours I wish to try).
Tutti Frutti in particular is a colour I just cant make my mind up on, sometimes I feel it looks great with my skin - But in over lights I just look drained. For that reason I haven't got much use out if it although I have worn it a few times since purchasing around the house.I wouldn't say this is particularly moisturising like I was expecting, In fact the longer you were it the dryer it feels which is pretty disappointing

But don't get me wrong I would buy these in other colours - Just not at £7.99 because I feel there are other brands that provide lipsticks which are both cheaper and more moisturising.

What do you make of the Revlon Lip butters?