Saturday, 19 May 2012

Marie Claire freebie!

I tried my hardest to resist this freebie after buying way to many magazines this month - Honest! But today I finally gave in and decided I needed a treat in the form of the Body Shop's lip and cheek stain!

Sadly my local newsagents only had 'Bronze Glimmer' left, although I was really lusting after 'Rose pink'. I still picked it up though - Because it was a total bargin at £3.70!

'Bronze Glimmer' is probally the shade I've heard less about in terms of blogging (Because everyone went out and brought rose pink! Thanks guys.)
I wouldnt say this shade looks pratically bronze outside of the tube, Infact the colour reminds me of my Peach Parfait lip butter - only with about twenty times more gold glitter, Not the best look in the world..
I wouldnt dare wear this on my cheeks in fear that I'd be scubbing off glitter for the next three months, But on the right skin tone i'm sure this would look lovely. You can still pick this up in Junes Issue of Marie Claire magazine for just £3.70, I also spotted that next months freebie was worth looking out for:

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