Monday, 28 May 2012

Making a dent in the wish list.

Armed with my birthday money, I hit the shops today for the first time since exam season started ready to waste a silly amount. Admittedly I should have been studying for my last exam on Wednesday - But its my birthday! At least it was yesterday... and I had a lot of lost time to make up for ;)

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette £4 | MUA Glamour Palette £4 | MUA Primer £4

Baring in mind I spent a ridiculous amount of money on clothes, finally getting these eyeshadow palettes honestly made my day. For a long time I've lusted over 'Heaven and Earth' - But I've mentioned how badly kept all my local MUA stands are. The one I visited today was lovely! Plus these were 3 for 2 which made the whole experience ten times lovelier. All of this for an amazing £8!

Natural collection lash care £1.99 | Natural collection juicy lips in Fondant £1.99 | Natural collection moisture shine lipstick in Rose Petal £1.99

I've become quite a big fan of the natural collection range, I wasn't actually planing to buy anything - But stumbled across the 'Lash care' mascara which I've been looking for, for a while now. So I figured I may aswell compete the 3 for £5 deal, I love both of these lip colours!

Boots Essentials cucumber moisturising cream £1.52 | Boots essentials fragrance free moisturising cream £1.52 | Boots Essentials cucumber eye gel £1.52

I've heard great things about the boots essentials range, So figured I'd try it while it was on 3 for 2, for just over £3 for two moisturising creams and an eye gel you cant do wrong!

Nivea Milk & Honey lip balm £1.99

Another blogger posted about how much she loved this product (Sorry, Forgot who!), So I figured I'd pick it up while it was half price. Plus I'm down to just one draw full of lip balms, So I needed a new one clearly.

No7 Melting Gel Cleanser £9 | No7 Eye Makeup Remover £7.75

You can probably tell the No7 Vouchers are back! Which I was over the moon with, I went to the stand hoping to get a new moisturiser with mine. I don't know what happened but the cleanser caught my eye, and I love this remover so much I had to get another bottle!

Witch Skin Clearing Primer £6.99

I've wanted to try this for ages, So when I saw it was half price in superdrug  snapped this baby up! I think I've brought about 5 primers in the past month alone ...Opps!

Matlan nail files £1 | Angelica nail polish in Sorbet £2.50 | Max Factors fantasy fire £3.99 | Rimmel Disco Ball £2 | Essie fortifying nail mask - £3.99

My nail files had a habit of going walkies, So I'll be placing these in different places in the hope I'll be able to find atleast one when I'm doing my nails. I got the Rimmel and Angelica polish in Primark. I was really surprised to see a Rimmel stand in Primark, but the price tag was great! I also picked up a lip tint for just £1.50 which the check out lady didn't put in my bag - Boo! I was shocked to see so many bottles of Fantasy Fire in boots - I swear this stuff goes for £20 on ebay! Lastly but ceartainly not least I picked up this nail mask in Tk Maxx, I've never tried a 'nail mask' so it sounds interesting.

I'll probaly post about most of thes products indidually, But if you read this blog often you'll know that means in a few months time (If I even remember). So be sure to comment telling me if you'd like to here more about any of the above and I'll try and post ASAP!

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