Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Loreal Caresse:Aphrodite Scarlet

I'm definitely playing catch up with my lip posts this week! Haha,  please bear with me, Its exam season and I want to get these posted while I'm busy studying (I'm trusting Scheduled posts again!)

From the moment I tried my first Rouge Caresse lipstick I was pretty much in love, It left my lips instantly moisturised  with a lightweight pop of colour. I was a little Scared of 'Aphrodite Scarlet' when I first saw it in the packaging - Although It was on 3 or 2, So I had to pick another shade and most were out of stock. But I'm happy I picked this up, My lips remain natural most of the time and I was worried this would be too bold, thankfully It goes perfect with my pale skin tone! I cant wait to get more use out of it this summer (Not that its ever warm in the UK, but I can hope)

What do you guys make of Loreal's Rouge Caresse? 

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