Friday, 11 May 2012

When I saw this post over at pretty not included I was pretty much sold by the idea of 'Etat Pur'. Not only do they offer affordable skin care solutions, Etat Pur also give shipping along with 3 free samples with your first order.

Delivery is estimated at four days, although this took around a week to get here - but bearing in mind it was a bank Holiday  (and delivery was free) It was pretty good. My only regret is not taking a picture of how lovely everything was packaged in the box, My items came in a lovely paper Etat Pur bag which now  hangs with pride on my wardrobe door ready for when I'm ready to test my new samples.

Although I was tempted by one of the cleansing waters the site has to offer, I choose to go for one of the targeted treatments purely because I'm really happy with my skin care routine lately however I have noticed the odd blemish here and there, which hopefully this 'Zinc Gluconate pure Active' will help fix. If I'm honest I choose this treatment because it was the cheapest under the 'Imperfections and blemishes' pure actives section, although I'm really happy I did because in just one night I can really see a difference on my skin so I'm pretty excited to see the results in weeks time (I'll do an update post next week to do a full review on the product)

As I mentioned above I received 3 free samples with this order too. I picked the melting moisturising cream and rich nourishing cream to try out, a surprise sample was also added (the micellar cleansing water).  These are pretty tiny, but perfect for an overnight bag. I'll personally be taking the cleansing water and one of the creams when I stay with my best friend for a few nights in a couple of weeks.

Have you tried anything from Etat Pur?

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