Sunday, 20 May 2012

Blistex lip massage.

'Unique smoothing applicator tip massages in shea butter, squalane and aloe vera. Use daily to leave lips gorgeously soft and supple 24/7.'

After a visit to the dentist my lips were feeling ridiculously dry and in need of care when I spotted Blistex lip massage in the shelf in Asda. I was rather interested in the idea because I hadn't seen anything like it before so of course I stupidly picked it up despite having three other lip balms in my bag.To use you simply have to twist the bottom and product is released. I cant say the whole 'massage' thing adds to the experience in any way shape or form. In fact I've found myself applying the balm with my fingers because if anything its a little annoying.

The price said £1.19 on the label, So I was even more annoyed that Asda had the cheek to charge me £2.50 for this. I do however like the product inside, and therefore will be investing in some Blistex - This tube however is going to the back of my make up draw!

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