Sunday, 22 April 2012

'We’ve got obsessions...

I want to erase every nasty thought that bugs me every day of every week, We’ve got obsessions,
You never tell me what it is that makes you strong and what it is that makes you weak.'

I've recently rediscovered Marina and the diamonds and seem to have her songs playing over and over again until the point 'Obsessions' is now installed in my brain. So I figured I would dedicate a post to my top three beauty related obsessions - That and I can't be bothered with a review post - Its Sunday after all!

First up is nails, we'll it had to be really. I think it's now come to the point that I own more nail polishes than items of clothing. In recent months I've tried to slow my nail polish buying down, The last time I brought one was about two weeks ago - a new record for me I think! It wasn't I left school that I fell in love with nail polish. Of course it was banned there - Along with all the other fun stuff. So if you think about it the British education system is to blame for my obsession, If I wasn't restricted in the first place I wouldn't be this bad, Right? (We'll that's what I'm gonna keep telling myself!)

Next up is lip products; I'm not quite sure how this happened if I'm honest. I've never really bothered with my lips, they've always just been there - but over the course of a month I went from having about two lip products to enough to last me a few lifetimes. Above are some of the beauty's I picked up this month. I'm really enjoying the natural collection lipsticks - Amazing quality and such a low price point!

After nails and lips, I bet you were expecting eyes or something. But nope, My love for the body shop beats everything. As soon as I say those three little words a series of moans follow from my friends, They don't understand my obsession - Neither do I. The prices annoy me. The deals annoy me more. Every time I see the 50% off sign I'm in the store like there's no tomorrow - £6.25 for a body butter how cheap! It isn't until I leave I start to realise how not cheap that was, If anywhere else tried to sell me a product I use so quickly for £6.25 I'd laugh. Its a bit like buying a top in Primark, I wouldn't pay a tenner for a top there - But I'd see the same top in New Look for the same price and think how cheap! Let's face it - The Body Shop is my new look for body products - My purse isn't happy at all!

I hope you enjoyed this little ramble as much as I did - Clearly I need a life!

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  1. Just thought that I should let you know that I have nominated and awarded you FIVE Blogger awards!! xx