Friday, 13 April 2012

Tea Tree foaming face wash

First things first - This product does not like being photographed, So just ignore the terrible images!
I've raved about Superdrugs Tea Tree range over the past week, and thought it would be unfair to leave this last product out after talking so much about the range's moisturiser and scrub.
Superdrug's Tea tree foaming face wash is great value for money, My previous foaming face wash (which cost over double the price) has nothing on this!  I've been using one pump nightly for about two weeks now  and my skin feels great despite the fact I've been too lazy to cleanse tone and moisturise for the past month (not the mention the amount of chocolate i've eaten over Easter!)

This is a product I see myself buying over and over again! Especially for just £2.99!

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