Monday, 9 April 2012

Superdrug's Tea Tree Moisturiser

As I've mentioned before I've found myself falling in love with Superdrug's Tea Tree brand. It's reasonably priced and regularly on a two for £3.99 offer. I'm currently using the brands Scrub, Face wash and moisturiser and I have to say, after just a week and a half my skin feels better than ever! Before I started using this brand, I had become rather lazy with my skin. I had gone from taking my time to cleanse, tone and moisturise to just about making enough time to use a face wash daily. It's a rather easy routine to keep up with (and great for lazy people like myself), I use the scrub about once every three days, while using the facial wash and moisturiser daily.

I love this moisturiser, I always worry that trying a new one will make me break out - but this was fine, my skin feels amazing even if I forget to apply it. At first the fact that it was £2.99 for just 30ml did concern me a bit (my previous moisturiser was just £2 for 100ml, For the same amount of this product would cost me a whopping £9.97!) However I have come to love the tiny size, I'm going away this weekend and this is the perfect size for my bag - Not to mention the handy pump which dispenses the product. The fact that this is quite a light/thin product means that you only need one pump to cover you whole face - I'm guessing the 30ml bottle will last me about a month, I've already brought a back up because I love it that much!

You can pick this product up for £2.99 in most superdrug stores or buy online - Here

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