Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Aussie Hair Saviours!

I recently had my hair cut after avoiding the hairdresser for nearly a year ( I know I'm terrible!) But I'm determined to keep my hair healthy this time which is why I picked up these beauty's while shopping last week - That and they were 2 for £6.99 - I'm a sucker for a bargain!

The first product I picked up was Take the heat 3 minute miracle in my mission for healthier hair -  ' Want to keep cool when everything around you is sizzling? Give your hair 180 seconds of blissful TLC. This miracle laughs in the face of styling tools, steam and hairdryers and protects you when things are reaching boiling point. But groupies? Well, not even we can keep them away from your sizzling charisma! '  Despite using way too much heat on my hair daily, I rarely use hear protection products - That was of course until I discovered this. Like all Aussie products it smells amazing. I've been trying to use it once or twice a week and it leaves my hair feeling amazing. I even went out and brought the leave in spray from the take the heat range yesterday. I'm not sure if I'd pay full price for it, But I'll be stocking up while it's on offer!

If you live in the UK, I'm pretty sure you'll be aware of the bizarre weather we've been having lately, One minute its like a storm outside, the next the sun decides to make an appearance. How are you even meant to dress on days like that?! Aussie's Dual personality has been a life saver in the fight against fizz - ' Aussie Dual Personality Anti-Frizz Conditioning Milk styling cream allows you to get on with life minus the frizz. Aussie Dual Personality detangles even the most unruly frizz, turning it into well-behaved locks ' I love this product so much, Normally with the smallest bit of rain my hair falls into a fizz/curly mess - With this I've been umbrellaless and maintained that 'well-mannered' look - I would pay double the price for this product, Its bloody amazing!

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