Monday, 30 April 2012

April Favourites !

Liz Earle cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser - I love using this product, It leaves my skin feeling amazing in just a couple simple steps, although I just cant justify the price tag! I think I'll be trying out Superdrugs own hot cloth cleanser to see how it matches up.

Garnier PureActive Exfo-Brusher Wash - I brought this because it was half price and I was pretty intrigued. I actually really like using it and the results on my skin (Full post coming soon)

False Lash Telescopic - I've used this everyday since I brought it around a month ago, It delivers great results which hold all day!

Garnier 7 days body lotion - I love this! read more about my thoughts here

Loreal's Rouge Caresse in Sweet Berry - I don't understand how I haven't go around to posting about this yet. I love everything about it; The colour, the feel, even the wear time!

Aussie Dual personality - This stuff is amazing, I've been using it every day and my hair feels great - Read more here

Superdrug's Tea Tree Moisturiser - I pretty much swear by this stuff, I'm currently on my second bottle and can see myself buying a third - Read my full review here

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Garnier Intensive 7 Days lotion

While I love using The Body Shop's body butters on my skin, Its a pretty expensive habit with 200ml of product costing around £12.50. So I was pretty determined to find a purse friendly product I loved just as much to keep my skin feeling great throughout the day.

I'd heard quite a lot about the Garnier 'Intensive 7 days' range, So I was willing to give it a try, These retail for around £2.99 for a 250ml bottle and £4.99 for a bigger 400ml size although I see them on offer regularly (I picked up this 400ml bottle in superdrug for just £2.99)

Like always, I choose to go for the 'Cocoa butter' version although I now have my eyes on the Mango and honey version! At first I wasn't 100% of the smell in the bottle although once applied to the skin I found its a lovely subtle version I now love.  The product itself sticks to its promises, I found it to be both fast absorbing and non - greasy on the skin. A little definitely goes a long way, I tend to apply this at night and still feel freshly moisturised in the morning.

You can pick your own bottle of this up - Here

Saturday, 28 April 2012

I've just discovered Ebay...

For years I've avoided Ebay like the plague, The whole idea of Paypal just confuses my poor mind and I always worry about my bank details being safe. However after seeing so many beauty posts containing bargains from there, I had to make an account - I'm so happy I did after a few minutes of joining I discovered 'ecitygo', How they sell all of this cute Jewellery for just 99p including postage baffles me!

I love the images they use to promote their products - they're great! I cant wait until I have money in my bank account Friday so I can blow it on all these items!

I cant decide which ones I love more, Ah well at just 99p I don't have to!
I swear I've seen some of this stuff on the markets in London for about ten times the price, which is kind of annoying really. I just had to share this with you guys! I hope you like this stuff as much as I do, Expect more Ebay related posts to come - I feel an obsession coming on!

Friday, 27 April 2012

W7 nail polish in 'Sliver'

I was  lining up in Tk Maxx after just finding the hunger games books for my best friends birthday when I spotted a W7 duo containing 'Sliver' and 'purple' for just £3.49. Personally I've never tried anything from W7 - but this slivery colour and OPI like bottle drew me in. The bottles are a generous 15ml, which is slightly more than your average nail polish  and the polish was easy to use with a reasonable drying time.

I chose to pair my polish with Revlons Star to wear out tonight, although the colour looks great on its own!
(I found this polish online for just £1.99 here)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Aussie Hair Saviours!

I recently had my hair cut after avoiding the hairdresser for nearly a year ( I know I'm terrible!) But I'm determined to keep my hair healthy this time which is why I picked up these beauty's while shopping last week - That and they were 2 for £6.99 - I'm a sucker for a bargain!

The first product I picked up was Take the heat 3 minute miracle in my mission for healthier hair -  ' Want to keep cool when everything around you is sizzling? Give your hair 180 seconds of blissful TLC. This miracle laughs in the face of styling tools, steam and hairdryers and protects you when things are reaching boiling point. But groupies? Well, not even we can keep them away from your sizzling charisma! '  Despite using way too much heat on my hair daily, I rarely use hear protection products - That was of course until I discovered this. Like all Aussie products it smells amazing. I've been trying to use it once or twice a week and it leaves my hair feeling amazing. I even went out and brought the leave in spray from the take the heat range yesterday. I'm not sure if I'd pay full price for it, But I'll be stocking up while it's on offer!

If you live in the UK, I'm pretty sure you'll be aware of the bizarre weather we've been having lately, One minute its like a storm outside, the next the sun decides to make an appearance. How are you even meant to dress on days like that?! Aussie's Dual personality has been a life saver in the fight against fizz - ' Aussie Dual Personality Anti-Frizz Conditioning Milk styling cream allows you to get on with life minus the frizz. Aussie Dual Personality detangles even the most unruly frizz, turning it into well-behaved locks ' I love this product so much, Normally with the smallest bit of rain my hair falls into a fizz/curly mess - With this I've been umbrellaless and maintained that 'well-mannered' look - I would pay double the price for this product, Its bloody amazing!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Free Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

I know this post is ridiculously late, But I figured I'd share it with you guys in case anyone missed out, plus Its not too late to bag your own copy! May's issue of Red magazine includes a Liz Earle cleanse & polish set worth £5.50 - Not all magazines include this for some strange reason, So my tip is to check supermarkets (I found mine in a Local Sainsbury's)

The magazine costs £3.90 and comes complete with  a couple of  samples - I like the look of the Estee Lauder one so will be trying that out soon, along with the famous hot cloth cleanser itself. This is a great little deal if like me you have yet to try a Liz Earle product but don't want to pay out the full  prices first time around. I also love that a step by step guide was included - I hate when you're left clueless!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

'We’ve got obsessions...

I want to erase every nasty thought that bugs me every day of every week, We’ve got obsessions,
You never tell me what it is that makes you strong and what it is that makes you weak.'

I've recently rediscovered Marina and the diamonds and seem to have her songs playing over and over again until the point 'Obsessions' is now installed in my brain. So I figured I would dedicate a post to my top three beauty related obsessions - That and I can't be bothered with a review post - Its Sunday after all!

First up is nails, we'll it had to be really. I think it's now come to the point that I own more nail polishes than items of clothing. In recent months I've tried to slow my nail polish buying down, The last time I brought one was about two weeks ago - a new record for me I think! It wasn't I left school that I fell in love with nail polish. Of course it was banned there - Along with all the other fun stuff. So if you think about it the British education system is to blame for my obsession, If I wasn't restricted in the first place I wouldn't be this bad, Right? (We'll that's what I'm gonna keep telling myself!)

Next up is lip products; I'm not quite sure how this happened if I'm honest. I've never really bothered with my lips, they've always just been there - but over the course of a month I went from having about two lip products to enough to last me a few lifetimes. Above are some of the beauty's I picked up this month. I'm really enjoying the natural collection lipsticks - Amazing quality and such a low price point!

After nails and lips, I bet you were expecting eyes or something. But nope, My love for the body shop beats everything. As soon as I say those three little words a series of moans follow from my friends, They don't understand my obsession - Neither do I. The prices annoy me. The deals annoy me more. Every time I see the 50% off sign I'm in the store like there's no tomorrow - £6.25 for a body butter how cheap! It isn't until I leave I start to realise how not cheap that was, If anywhere else tried to sell me a product I use so quickly for £6.25 I'd laugh. Its a bit like buying a top in Primark, I wouldn't pay a tenner for a top there - But I'd see the same top in New Look for the same price and think how cheap! Let's face it - The Body Shop is my new look for body products - My purse isn't happy at all!

I hope you enjoyed this little ramble as much as I did - Clearly I need a life!

Friday, 20 April 2012

The Battle of the lip products!

I have been waiting far too long for this post! After trying to save money and avoid drug stores for a couple of weeks, I finally gave in - My purse isnt too happy!

Unless you're living on Mars, I'm pretty sure you know about the hype surrounding the Revlon Lip Butters. I really wanted them to live up to the hype, however I did have a mixed experience with this product. At first I was so disappointed with the Revlon lip butter in Tutti Frutii - I think I expected them to feel a lot more moisturising then they were. However since giving them another chance and trying peach parfait my opinions have changed massively. I would say these feel more like a lipstick than a balm (am I just insane but are they glittery?!) They still aren't my favourite product but if I feel the need for a more pigmented colour, these would be my go to product.

Newer on the market are Loreal Rouge Caresse lipstick's. I'll start by saying I love these. They feel less like a lipstick and more like a balm (Which is exactly what I'm after!) Considering I've been using 'Sweet berry' pretty much every day since I brought it a month ago and the amount in the tube hasn't gone down that much. By far my favourite lip product - Ever.

Packaging wise, these both look pretty damn hot - More like high end than high street!
At first I was planing to do product reviews in this post - However I feel like these all deserve posts of there own so this is my little 'round up'. If you're like me and more of a lip gloss/balm girl - stick with Loreal. But the lip butters are great if your looking for a less heavy lip product!
(Lip Products shown; Revlon's lip butter in 'tutti frutti' and loreal's Rouge Caresse lipstick in 'sweet berry')

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Currently loving: Company.

I've said on my blog before that I don't really see myself as a magazine person; don't get me wrong, If I spot an irresistible free gift or a great story I'll be the first in line to grab a copy. But as I've gotten older I've found myself browsing the magazine aisle less and less. While travelling across the country this weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to invest in a few reading materials. If I'm honest not many of the magazines stood out to me, They all seemed too teen or miles too posh for me. However Company had something special about it - Its almost like the writers are living in the real world with features on bloggers, successful woman and even an music edit with Marina (Who I am currently obsessed with!) What more could you want out of your monthly?!

Just £2 Company came complete with gum and an eyeliner duo (Which I don't see myself using personally, But it was a cute little extra!)

If you're looking for a good read, I'd recommend this magazine ten times over! It was such a refreshing take on a style magazine.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I have a problem...

If you would have told me a year ago that I would own as many cosmetics as I do now, I probably would have laughed (Who honestly needs this many?!) It wasn't until my last year at school that I even bothered with it, and even then I only wore mascara. But in the lead up to prom I started to discover more and more brands and the obsession began.

Now a year on, I love spotting a good deal and theres nothing which cures a terrible day better than a visit to my three favourite shops: Boots, Superdrug and The Body Shop. After being disappointed with the Revlon Lip Butter first time round I decided to try another one along with Maybelline's new BB Cream and another Loreal rouge caresse from boots. I then popped into Superdrug and spotted a two for £6.99 deal on Aussie products and couldn't resist! I then chose to waste the rest of my money in The Body Shop where they had a 50% off deal on selected body butters!

God, I really cant resist a good bargain! If you want to see posts on any of the above products let me know!

Monday, 16 April 2012

The Holiday Diaries: Nails

The last in my Holiday series today! Posts should be back to normal tomorrow!

Since I was only away Friday - Monday, I tried not to take too many nail products! I've been using Avon mineral fix for a while now and it does a great job at looking after my nails. I some how managed to limit myself to two normal polishes Elf's smokey brown and 17 magnetized polish along with Avon's intense protection hand cream and a cheap nail varnish remover.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Holiday Diaries: Skin care

Since yesterday I showed you which make up was joining me on my weekend away, so I thought I'd do the same with skin care. Narrowing it down for my small case was hard, although finally I settled on these five products. If you're a regular reader of my blog it will come as no surprise that the tea tree Scrub, face wash and moisturiser all made it into my case, along with some wipes I picked up in superdrug for if I feel super lazy and a resent rediscovery of Avon's invisible blemish treatment for if my skin decides to play up over the course of the weekend.

Which skin care items would make it into your case? 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Holiday Diaries: Make up

Since I'm going away for a long weekend, I'm putting my faith in 'Scheduled posts' - Aka - If you read this post after the weekend , It didn't work (which is most likely knowing my luck!). I've never been much of a make up bag person, My make up tends to stay on my bedside table ready for when I need it. Although I figured it would be easier to keep all of my products in one place while I'm away. And being the nosey person I am I love reading these post by other bloggers, So I figured its about time I showed you 'whats in my make up bag' as part of my 'hoilday daries'.

The make up bag itself was one an aunt gave to me years ago, I was shocked to learn that its by a brand sold at debenhams! When I think of them I expect high quality - I'm not quite sure this matches up to that.

I know what you're thinking - 'Wow, That's a lot of lip products'. Well my thoughts exactly, I'm not quite sure where they all came from! But I like having the choice so I would like them all with me, even its not possible to wear all of them. Other than that I don't use many make up products and have never been a fan of foundation so here it goes;

ELF's Warm Pro mini eyeshadow palette - I posted about this palette here. I don't get a chance to use it as much as I would like to, however it is the perfect size for my make up bag and houses some lovely colours so it would be a shame not to take it.

Miss Sporty's Dr Balm - I also posted about this product here , Although I have misplaced my favourite shade this does a great job at keeping my lips moisturised throughout the day.

The natural collection lipsticks - I'm taking the two shades I own, sorbet and Lotus. I love these and cant wait to fill my make up bag with more shades!

MUA lipsticks - I love these little gems read more about my thoughts on juicy and nectar by selecting a shade name.

L'oreal false lash telescopic - I've been meaning to post about this for a while, perhaps I will when I get back. The best 'drugstore' mascara I own - worth every penny!

17 Photo Flawless skin primer - I think this is the only primer I've ever bothered to use, I brought it last summer and seems to last forever!

Gosh Lip gloss- I just love the colour and staying power of this beauty, read more of my thoughts here

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - Or am I meant to call it collection now? I'm sticking by the 2000, It sounds wrong without it! I really like this product, I've never given it it's own post though, Since pretty much every beauty blog in the history of beauty blogs already has done - Five times over.

MUA eyeshadow in shade 16 - One of the three MUA products I own, This is great for providing an everyday base. I really see a difference in my eye area when I have it on!

Vaseline- I couldn't travel more than a mile without some kind of lip care with me, Normally I'm a srtictly carmex girl! However my tube has run out and I'm too lazy to pick up a new one.

Tools- I dont really use many brushes. One I picked up in this Hello kitty set the other was half price from Avon. I got the eyelash curlers from ELF when mine had gone walkies - They do a great job and cost me a tiny £1.50!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Tea Tree foaming face wash

First things first - This product does not like being photographed, So just ignore the terrible images!
I've raved about Superdrugs Tea Tree range over the past week, and thought it would be unfair to leave this last product out after talking so much about the range's moisturiser and scrub.
Superdrug's Tea tree foaming face wash is great value for money, My previous foaming face wash (which cost over double the price) has nothing on this!  I've been using one pump nightly for about two weeks now  and my skin feels great despite the fact I've been too lazy to cleanse tone and moisturise for the past month (not the mention the amount of chocolate i've eaten over Easter!)

This is a product I see myself buying over and over again! Especially for just £2.99!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

MUA Lipstick in 'Nectar'

As I've mentioned before, after weeks of searching I was finally lucky enough to pick up MUA's Juicy and Nectar in my local superdrug! I love the fact that MUA has started to name their lipsticks, I feel like it gives them more of a personalty than just a shade number!

I've been looking for an orangey lipstick shade for a while now, but most of them just make me look like I've freshly finished a bowl of pasta - not attractive! However Nectar has an almost softer feel to it giving me just the right level of orange. (Swatches natural lighting then with flash)

As I've mentioned while talking about juicy, I was pleasantly surprised by just how moisturising these are. I'm becoming a big fan of MUA amazing products, and that's without considering the low Price point! I'll be going back for more!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Gosh nails in 'Midnight Blue'

I thought I'd take a break for my new found love of tea tree and lip products today and show you another item I picked up in the gosh sale. This Beautiful nail polish was reduced to just £2 from £5. The colour is pretty hard to capture, In some lights it's navy and in others almost black - So I think 'Midnight blue' is a pretty accurate colour name. The shimmer isn't obvious, but every so often you'll see glitter flecks when the light hits your nails.

I love the finish this polish delivered after just a couple of coats. I didn't use a top coat and got around 3 days wear which is pretty normal for me. I also loved the bottle design, It gave the product a more expensive feel to it. I also really liked the ease of the brush, and will be buying more Gosh polishes in the future!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Superdrug's Tea Tree Moisturiser

As I've mentioned before I've found myself falling in love with Superdrug's Tea Tree brand. It's reasonably priced and regularly on a two for £3.99 offer. I'm currently using the brands Scrub, Face wash and moisturiser and I have to say, after just a week and a half my skin feels better than ever! Before I started using this brand, I had become rather lazy with my skin. I had gone from taking my time to cleanse, tone and moisturise to just about making enough time to use a face wash daily. It's a rather easy routine to keep up with (and great for lazy people like myself), I use the scrub about once every three days, while using the facial wash and moisturiser daily.

I love this moisturiser, I always worry that trying a new one will make me break out - but this was fine, my skin feels amazing even if I forget to apply it. At first the fact that it was £2.99 for just 30ml did concern me a bit (my previous moisturiser was just £2 for 100ml, For the same amount of this product would cost me a whopping £9.97!) However I have come to love the tiny size, I'm going away this weekend and this is the perfect size for my bag - Not to mention the handy pump which dispenses the product. The fact that this is quite a light/thin product means that you only need one pump to cover you whole face - I'm guessing the 30ml bottle will last me about a month, I've already brought a back up because I love it that much!

You can pick this product up for £2.99 in most superdrug stores or buy online - Here

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

I found this cute tutorial on, be sure to click the image and look for yourself,
Have a lovely day!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Natural Collection Lip Colour

In the past, I've used the natural collection's pressed powders and cover up sticks - And I have to say I have been left very impressed. For a budget brand, I have to say they set the standard pretty high. Which was why I was so excited when I saw the Sheer Natural Lip Colours in my local boots. If I'm honest I didn't even know they sold lipsticks as they're not for sale on the website!

With the big three for two event I picked up two lip colour's and a nail colour for just £3.98! Although these retail alone for a mere £1.99 and are well worth every penny in my opinion. I picked up sorbet and Lotus. Like Sorbet, Lotus is a 'Sheer nude lipstick for a beautifully natural look'. It's not the most pigmented or long lasting lip colour in the nor does it claim to be. I feel this lipstick isn't drying and is great if like me you're forever topping up your lips out of habit, I personally love the natural look it delivers and will be buying more. I'm currently looking out for the lovely 'Tea Rose'!

Friday, 6 April 2012

MUA Lipstick in 'Juicy'

I don't own many MUA products; In fact this lipstick is one of the three MUA products I do own.
I find it quite hard to source - I feel like their stands are pretty much abandoned in most Superdrug stores, not being restocked for days- Despite the quality of the make up being much greater than some of the more expensive brands on the high street.

After reading so much about 'Juicy', 'Nectar' and 'Bare'. I began searching for them every time I popped into a superdrug. Of course every time I looked there was no place for them, or simply none left in the stand. It wasn't until one of my sisters was pestering me for a red lipstick that I finally stumbled across 'Juicy' and 'Nectar' in the smallest superdrug store I have ever visited!

'Juicy' really lived up to the hype surrounding it - It's an fantastic colour at such a low price point!  I was really shocked by just how moisturising it is, honestly I found it had more moisture than the now famous Revlon lip butters! And did I mention the great staying power?! Possibly the best pound I have ever spent - I'm Definitely going back for more shades!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tea Tree & Peppermint Scrub

Lately I've found myself falling in love with Superdrug's Tea Tree brand, Its reasonably priced and regularly on a two for £3.99 offer. I've been using the Facial Scrub as well as the Face wash and moisturiser for about a week now and thought it was about time I shared my thoughts on each individual product.

While browsing for a new scrub on the Superdrug website, I came across this one from the Tea Tree range - By this point I was already using the facial wash and moisturiser daily and was so impressed I thought I'd give the facial scrub a go. I'm happy I did. Prior to using the Scrub I had spotted a few blackheads creeping up around my chin area - which are pretty much nonexistent just a few uses on. Like the other Tea tree products you're meet with an automatic cooling sensation which leaves skin clean and smooth. The only potential issue with this product is the size - The 75ml tube feels more like a sample rather than a full size product, although you could ague that it works out £3.99 per 100ml of product which is pretty much average for a scrub.

Overall I like this product and I can see myself repurchasing in the future. You can pick up this Tea Tree & Peppermint Scrub in Superdrug stores for £2.99 or buy online - Here.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Gosh Lip Gloss in '0084'!

I'm sure if you've been into a Superdrug recently you'll have seen the Gosh sale. I've never been bothered by it until I took my younger sister along with me, who insisted on looking at every product on offer! While I liked the look of some of the eyeshadow palettes on sale, I knew I'd never get around to using them. So I opted for this peachy looking lip gloss for just £3.25.
I really like this lip gloss; the colour is that 'perfect peach' shade I'm always looking for and the staying power is amazing! It can be a little patchy - but nothing that cant be fixed with the use of a mirror.
I'd also like to take this chance to thank Miss LV for adding me to her blog roll (

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Natural Collection Lip Colour

In the past, I've used the natural collection's pressed powders and cover up sticks - And I have to say I have been left very impressed. For a budget brand, I have to say they set the standard pretty high.
Which was why I was so excited when I saw the Sheer Natural Lip Colours in my local boots. If I'm honest I didn't even know they sold lipsticks as they're not for sale on the website - Which is a shame really.

With the big three for two event I picked up two lip colour's and a nail colour for just £3.98! Although these retail alone for a mere £1.99 and are well worth every penny in my opinion. I picked up sorbet and  Lotus (Post to come) and I'm extremely glad I did. Sorbet is a 'Sheer nude lipstick for a beautifully natural look'. It's not the most pigmented and long lasting lip colour in the nor does it claim to be. These are great if like me you're forever topping up your lips out of habit, I personally love the natural look it delivers and will be buying more. 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

March Favourites!

I love Strawberries & Milkshake exfoliating shower smoothie | No7 Quick Thinking wipes | The Body Shop Wild Cherry body butter | Barry M nail paint in Peach Melba | Miss Sporty's Dr Balm | Rimmel London Lycra Pro in Orange Bliss | Tresemme Split mend intense recovery masque

I cant say this months favourites are too exciting, I spent half of the month ill and the other half studying for exams meaning I didn't get a chance to try out a lot of new products (Although I made up for that this weekend, Spending a ridiculous amount of money on beauty related products, Many reviews to come!)

Like all I love products, the Strawberries & Milkshake exfoliating shower smoothie didn't fail to impress me with its amazing scent. This cost around two pound so a complete bargain too!
The No7 Quick Thinking wipes were honestly a product I wanted to hate, because to me seven pound for a pack of wipes is just stupid. Annoyingly I loved them, I got in the habit of using them while I was ill, I love how moisturising they were on my skin!
I brought the Wild Cherry Body Butter a couple of days ago and its already a firm favourite read more of my thoughts- Here
 I never understood the hype about Barry M, While I loved their Effect polishes I couldn't get along with the two normal nail paints I had, That was until I tried this product. I can safely say I will be trying more colours.
Dr Balm honestly impressed me more than the famous lip butters (I got my hands on one yesterday and wasn't too impressed) which I will be reviewing soon. My favourite shade is 03 which I have currently missed placed, Read more on my thoughts and see more pictures- Here
When I first used the Lycra Pro range about a year ago I wasn't too impressed by the brush, But after giving it another go after the weekend I love it!
Lastly but not least, The BEST spilt end treatment I have ever tried- My hair felt amazing after trying this, I would recommend it to anyone with damaged hair

On a side note, I changed the banner today- What do you guys think?