Saturday, 24 March 2012

Primark Beauty Nail Polish Set

Admittedly I picked up this little set a couple of weeks back purely because of the cute box,
But I figured they were only £2, so why not.

Inside were four cute 6ml sized polishes;
Posy, Bare, Siren and Satin

After seeing the brush, I was a little worried about application,But I actually found it really easy.

For just £2 I was really impressed! I didn't get along with all of the colours,
But this set was definitely worth the price tag, I was really impressed with posy and siren;
While posy reminds me of a Nails Inc colour which I love Siren's bright shade really took me by surprise.
Just one coat of each colour left my nails looking like this:

I quite liked the colour bare too, although I just didn't get on with Satin.
It seemed to be stuck in that dry/sticky stage for way too long!

After just two coats my nails were good to go, I love this mix of colours!
What do you guys make of the Primark beauty range?

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