Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Avon Goodies!

I always find myself ordering something from Avon as soon as the brochure finds its way through my door,
I think its partly the novelty of it, The idea of getting beauty products right to your door.
I mean online shopping has the same thing going for it, but there's something about Avon which leaves me crawling back for more even on my poorest days.
This month was no different, One look over the deals and I was pretty much sold sold, Here's what I brought this time;

Eyeshadow Brush with smudger- I'm not the biggest brush person, I pretty much have what I need which is only a few brushes daily (Although I have my eyes on the real techniques ones!) This brush is priced at £5, but Avon are known for there deals - I brought for £3, although its currently being sold for £2.50 in their brochure! Its pretty small and double ended making it easier to just pop into your bag if your on the go. It feels like really good quality especially if you consider the low price point. I look forward to using this, maybe I'll even write a post if I love it that much.

Infinite Moment purse spray- As much as I love my Vera Wang perfume, Its pretty pricey for such a small bottle which sometimes puts me off using too much of it. Ever since I was a kid I remember rubbing my arms on the Avon book to smell the perfumes. I was pretty much drawn to this smell from when it launched but at the time I didn't really have the £13 to waste for the bottle. When I saw the purse spray for just £3, How could I say no? I'm terrible at describing anything let alone smells, But it smells good okay. Its one of those ones that seems to smell better after you've been wearing it a while.

True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in Deep Forest- This was the product I was most exited to see and I was not disappointed! Shockingly I have never actually tried an Avon eyeshadow despite ordering from pretty much every brochure. This isn't a colour I would normally go for, but after seeing swatches on another blog I was sold, Full review coming soon!

Nail experts mineral fix- I'm always on the look out for more products for my forever growing nail collection, So I was pretty much sold by the fact that this was only £2!

Have you guys tried any of these products before?

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