Saturday, 11 February 2012

Primark beauty nail wraps

I brought these nail wraps a couple of days after Christmas after popping into primark while shopping in the sales, Shockingly- I completely forgot to post about them until now!

I was actually pretty surprised at the tiny price tag, I know Primark is known for being cheap- but a pound for some great looking nail wraps is pretty amazing..

I followed all the instructions listed on the back of the packet, hoping for great results

 Instead I was pretty disappointed, I don't think the nail wraps were to blame, It was my first experience and I just didn't seem to master the art of it. They seemed to break pretty easily and the back just wasn't sticky enough!

I lasted ten minutes before I got really annoyed and pealed all but one off, although I was pretty happy with the end result when I paired it up with Revlon's nail enamel in sliver:

So there you have it my first (And probably last) experience with nail wraps,
I would recommend these to anyone trying nail wraps for the first time, I mean I would have been gutted if I would have paid out for some of the more expensive ones and ended up using one.

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