Monday, 20 February 2012

Nivea Visage Tinted moisturiser

I've wanted to try a tinted moisturiser for a while now, So when I spotted that Nivea had one - I had to try!
The product promises a healthy looking and bright complexion daily with a special blend of light-reflecting and Coulter pigments which blend with skin to brighten your complexion and blur imperfections
Even with not understanding a word of the sciencey stuff, It sounds pretty great, right?! 

The first thing I noticed about this product was the (lack of) shades, 
For a big brand like Nivea I honestly expected more diversity.
Lucky despite looking quite dark against my skin, It did blend well - Although to avoid looking like an orange, I literally use the small blob shown for my whole face.

I use mainly on my cheek area to brighten my face a little, The thing I love about this product is how soft my skin feels when wearing it.It has a smell which reminds me very much of sunscreen, Which may bother some people but personally I don't mind it.
It doesn't give much coverage, Although I prefer a light one anyway.

I would recommend this if your looking for a tinted moisturiser to try, although for paler and darker skin tones this may not be the best option (Although, I am pretty pale and I find I can use a small amount of it without it being too noticeable)

These are currently on offer in boots, 2 for £4.
Grab yours while you can- Here 

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