Thursday, 2 February 2012

More Avon Goodies!

It's official, this addiction is out of control:

Eternal Magic mini Eau de toilette Spay £6.75 £2.00

I am, pretty much in love with my Vera Wang set at the moment, but I wanted a small spray to keep in my bag. I didn't get a chance to smell this before buying, but after reading all the good reviews I decided just to go for it. or £2.00 you really cant go wrong. I'm not to sure about the smell (My blocked nose really doesn't help) but it seems to get better after a while of spraying..
An absolute steal at just £2.00!

Clearskin Professional Invisible blemish treatment £5.00 £1.50

I really like this range from Avon, I now own the whole collection apart from the scrub. It looks really promising and I cant wait to give it a go plus the sale price was amazing so I had to try...

Perfect Wear Make Up Remover £5.00 £1.50

I don't know why I brought this if I'm honest. Probably something to do with the discount knowing me!The first thing I noticed about this product was how small it is! Its seriously tiny (50ml) for a make up remover that was supposedly £5! Despite my first impressions, I am looking forward to using this, I'm always looking for a make up remover that does a good job at removing my eye make up - Fingers crossed, this may be the one!

Advance techniques damage repair 5 day rescue treatment £6.50 £1.50

My hair is in desperate need of help at the moment, so I figured why not give these a try. Inside the box contains five 5ml Sachets which remind me of free samples you are likely to get in magazines..There is not much in the way of instructions for this product, five day treatment? What does that even mean? Am I meant to use the product consecutively for five days? Or is it purely just five of the same product designed for use when i need it? A little help please Avon!

What do you guys make of my new goodies? What Avon products do you love right now?

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