Tuesday, 21 February 2012

H&M wishlist!

I always love when I get mail from H&M, It gives me a chance to get a look at items I may have missed while shopping online.

I've never done a wishlist before, So I figured since this is my 50th post I'd show you all what items I'm looking forward to buying this spring 

First up is this lovely Blouse, I really like the look off it with the green trousers- Although I don't think I could be that bold. At just £7.99 I'd be crazy not to pick one up!

I love this dress, It comes in four different colours; Black, pink, orange and grey beige.
I think I love the price more though, £14.99- Cheaper than Primark!

I like the look of these in blue, I basically live in jeans during the winter months
These have something a little bit different about them, I also quite like the look of the grey beige pair!

This dress comes in two different colours Dark blue and grey beige, Judging by the image given the other grey beige looks more white,
I don't think I'm quite brave enough for the grey beige (I manage to spill 598765434567 things down myself daily) although I love this in dark blue

This bag is just calling my name! I love the look of it in orange,
And at £12.99 its a total steal!

I love the look of this Jacket! I mainly own coats and cardis so it would make a lovely change to my wardrobe, Its sightly more expensive than most of the items on my wishlist,
But I'm pretty sure If I get saving I could snap this up in a couple of weeks

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