Thursday, 9 February 2012

Final thoughts:Avon Advance Techniques Damage repair

I'm pretty much in constant battle with my hair, Whenever I cut it it feels miles too short, then when it gets to my preferred length, I start to notice split ends, So when I saw Avon's Advance Techniques Damage repair 5 day rescue treatment reduced to just £1.50, I had to give it a try:

'Formulated with Creatine and Panthenol which help to smooth, strengthen and fortify each strand, to prevent breakage and spilt ends'

For each day you are given a sachet filled with 5ml of product, to apply to clean, towel dried hair- Then style and usual..I was a little worried that the product may cause my hair to feel/look greasy, But I honestly noticed no difference whether I was letting my hair dry naturally overnight or using heat to dry it during the morning..

I really like the idea of having sachets, because they really help in knowing how much product to use.
After just one use my hair felt so much stronger..Since starting the treatment there has been little breakage, I'm seriously impressed by this product! Plus its extremely easy to use, I'm proud to say I managed to repeat the treatment everyday- And I have to be the worlds worst for sticking to a routine.

(Sorry for the terrible image! Its the only one I seem to have)
The product itself felt almost silky, I would rub it into my hair with my finger tips after washing each night. I also really liked the smell of this!

Grab your own treatment for just £1.50 HERE on Avons website!

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