Saturday, 18 February 2012

Coming soon to Elf!

I have really been enjoying ELF's new blog; It offers Sneaky peaks, tutorials and even the odd giveaway!

It seems like ELF have really stepped up there game, and I personally cant wait to try all four of these!

First up are the Lotion wipes according to ELF's new blog, Me, My e.l.f and I, these handy looking wipes hydrate and moisturise your skin with a gorgeous vanilla and coconut scent, Here are some images that were posted on the blog earlier:

Is anyone else as excited to try them as I am?!
Next up is the volume plumping mascara, which you'll love if your a fan of big brushes,
'Apply just 2 coats to your lashes for amazing instantly volumised lashes'

This product looks really promising, at the low low price of £3.50!
Probably the thing I'm most excited to try are the Studio Shimmer Sheets, after seeing the video posted by Elf, my reaction was 'They look so cool' and here's why: 

I love how you can also use them as eye shadow! I think I'll have to invest in all four!
I need this next product in my life, The make up remover pen is perfect for the more clumsy of us;

I'll take five!

Be sure to check out Me, My e.l.f and I over at for more information on any of these products!

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