Friday, 17 February 2012

Avon Clearskin

About a month ago, I mentioned that I brought a couple of items from the Avon Clearskin range,
I have tried all but one of the Clearskin Professional range and have been pretty impressed, So wanted to see how the Clearskin products compared: 

Both the Blackhead clearing and blemish Clearing masks were pretty cheap, and are still half price at the moment from Avons website. I paid just £2.00 for the Blemish Clearing mask and £1.75 for the blackhead clearing mask

'Peel off mask helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and improve skin clarity,
To use: Every p.m after cleansing, cover affected area with a thin layer and allow to dry overnight then peel off in the morning'

Honestly, I really didn't get along with this product as much as I wanted too,
Its quite sticky which is pretty annoying after a while, plus for me- Break outs seem to be around the chin area, Using it here was SO uncomfortable and I just had the urge to scratch it off!
The first time I used it I woke up pretty much in pain, I don't quite know why because after trailing it again I woke up fine, and redness had gone down however traces of the mask seemed to have pealed them self of in the night.
I did find away around the problem though, I started to use it of an evening on break outs until the product dried- I would then peal it off leaving the skin underneath feeling fresh and clean.
Personally this isnt the first product I would reach for if my skin starts to breakout, However it makes a pretty good back up and is something I'll be holding on to.
Click HERE if you want to try this for yourself

'Helps lift out dirt, debris and excess oil which can lead to blackheads, to revive, refresh and deep clean all in one,
To use: Apply a thin layer to face, wait until mask turns white, Rinse thoroughly, use 2-3 times per week'

I had a much better experience with this product, from the first use I really noticed a difference,
I don't use it 2-3 per week- in fact I barely make that many uses a month, I feel like It could be drying on skin if it was used that often, But just using it once or twice every couple of weeks makes a real difference,
This is a product that I will continue to use and will last for ages,
Such a steal at £1.75 click HERE to buy your own

Overall, I really like this range- Despite not having the best experience with the blemish clearing mask,
I really want to try more products. Do you guys use anything from this range? 


  1. Blackhead clearing seems to be a interesting product to try and quite cheap also :)

    1. I've never tried anything like it before,It worked a treat :]