Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February favourites!

As another month draws to a close, I have a new set of monthly favourites to share with you guys.
In terms of blogging February has been my busiest ever month- I managed to blog on average once every two days, I feel so accomplished!

Biore pore unclogging scrub- I was on the fence about buying this scrub, I feel like for a product I'm likey to go through quite quickly, £4.99 is a little expensive. Although when I was out of scrub and this was half price in superdrug I picked this up and I'm so glad I did. I've pretty much ditched my skin care routine and just use this every night, my skin has never looked better!
Hopefully I'll put up a full review soon, but you can buy HERE

Soap & Glory, The Daily smooth- I don't think this is a product I would have picked out for myself, but I'm so glad I received it as a gift. I love everything about this product, right down to the classic S&G packaging! Worth the whole £8.50 and more in my opinion!
You can buy this product from boots HERE

Lovestruck by Vera Wang- I got this in the christmas sale and instantly fell inlove with the smell. The only thing that I can find wrong with it is the lack of staying power other than that its perfect!
You can read more about it/buy - HERE

Claire's Minis- Knowing my love of nail polish my friend brought me this set as part of my Christmas present and I love them! Normally I struggle with pastel colours,  really don't have the patients to watch so many layers dry. But with these I didn't have that problem, they were quick drying. Here are some looks I created with them:

17 Magnetized nail polish - I love everything about this polish, not only does it deliver amazing effects every time, but it takes less time than my normal nail polishes dry. Plus its a total bargain at just £5.99!

 Soap and Glory's Thick & Fast mascara- I got this free in Elle magaizne,  I love using this mascara daily, You can read more about my thoughts on it - HERE

Elf warm pro mini eyeshadow palette- I brought this last month in my first ever order from ELF, I discovering a new colour every time I use it. The quality of it is great, Its hard to believe I paid just £3.75 for it!
You can read more about it HERE

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Nivea Pearly Shine

 I picked this up in Superdrug the other week because it was on offer, Up until now all of my lip balms  have tended to be clear, So i was in need of a change!

The packaging centres around a 'New shape' Which is literally the way the casing of the balm now slants at the top, Great? 

I really like this product, When my lips are starting to feel dry I pop it on and they feel instantly moisturised. 

I love the subtle shine it gives my lips, It's one of the things I make sure I have with me daily when I leave the house for college, Even if that does mean me being late ;)
Get your own - here

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

H&M wishlist!

I always love when I get mail from H&M, It gives me a chance to get a look at items I may have missed while shopping online.

I've never done a wishlist before, So I figured since this is my 50th post I'd show you all what items I'm looking forward to buying this spring 

First up is this lovely Blouse, I really like the look off it with the green trousers- Although I don't think I could be that bold. At just £7.99 I'd be crazy not to pick one up!

I love this dress, It comes in four different colours; Black, pink, orange and grey beige.
I think I love the price more though, £14.99- Cheaper than Primark!

I like the look of these in blue, I basically live in jeans during the winter months
These have something a little bit different about them, I also quite like the look of the grey beige pair!

This dress comes in two different colours Dark blue and grey beige, Judging by the image given the other grey beige looks more white,
I don't think I'm quite brave enough for the grey beige (I manage to spill 598765434567 things down myself daily) although I love this in dark blue

This bag is just calling my name! I love the look of it in orange,
And at £12.99 its a total steal!

I love the look of this Jacket! I mainly own coats and cardis so it would make a lovely change to my wardrobe, Its sightly more expensive than most of the items on my wishlist,
But I'm pretty sure If I get saving I could snap this up in a couple of weeks

Monday, 20 February 2012

Nivea Visage Tinted moisturiser

I've wanted to try a tinted moisturiser for a while now, So when I spotted that Nivea had one - I had to try!
The product promises a healthy looking and bright complexion daily with a special blend of light-reflecting and Coulter pigments which blend with skin to brighten your complexion and blur imperfections
Even with not understanding a word of the sciencey stuff, It sounds pretty great, right?! 

The first thing I noticed about this product was the (lack of) shades, 
For a big brand like Nivea I honestly expected more diversity.
Lucky despite looking quite dark against my skin, It did blend well - Although to avoid looking like an orange, I literally use the small blob shown for my whole face.

I use mainly on my cheek area to brighten my face a little, The thing I love about this product is how soft my skin feels when wearing it.It has a smell which reminds me very much of sunscreen, Which may bother some people but personally I don't mind it.
It doesn't give much coverage, Although I prefer a light one anyway.

I would recommend this if your looking for a tinted moisturiser to try, although for paler and darker skin tones this may not be the best option (Although, I am pretty pale and I find I can use a small amount of it without it being too noticeable)

These are currently on offer in boots, 2 for £4.
Grab yours while you can- Here 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner

I'm always on the look out for a great eye liner, So when I saw this one from Avon- I had to give it ago,
After all who wouldn't want an eye liner that promises smooth gliding with precision lining that wont drag or smudge lasting up to 12 hours!

                    I really enjoyed using this eye liner, It is one of the best I have ever used,
Avon weren't lying when they said it glides on smoothly, I found it so comfortable to use!
Considering I'm pretty terrible when it comes to using eye liners this was so easy for me to use,

 It also does a bloody good job at staying put all day, I cant wait to try it in more colours!
Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liners are currently two for £8 on Avons website, to get yours click HERE

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Coming soon to Elf!

I have really been enjoying ELF's new blog; It offers Sneaky peaks, tutorials and even the odd giveaway!

It seems like ELF have really stepped up there game, and I personally cant wait to try all four of these!

First up are the Lotion wipes according to ELF's new blog, Me, My e.l.f and I, these handy looking wipes hydrate and moisturise your skin with a gorgeous vanilla and coconut scent, Here are some images that were posted on the blog earlier:

Is anyone else as excited to try them as I am?!
Next up is the volume plumping mascara, which you'll love if your a fan of big brushes,
'Apply just 2 coats to your lashes for amazing instantly volumised lashes'

This product looks really promising, at the low low price of £3.50!
Probably the thing I'm most excited to try are the Studio Shimmer Sheets, after seeing the video posted by Elf, my reaction was 'They look so cool' and here's why: 

I love how you can also use them as eye shadow! I think I'll have to invest in all four!
I need this next product in my life, The make up remover pen is perfect for the more clumsy of us;

I'll take five!

Be sure to check out Me, My e.l.f and I over at for more information on any of these products!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Blog Makeover!

I really wanted to change the look of my blog, but I've always struggled to find a good background,
Today I stumbled upon the background fairy and wanted to share the it with you guys,
Karen has some great backgrounds free for everyone to use (Including my current one)
Before my blog was pretty plain;

Now, I'm pretty pleased with the result;

If your looking for a new look for your blog, I would recommend having a look at,
You wont regret it! 

Avon Clearskin

About a month ago, I mentioned that I brought a couple of items from the Avon Clearskin range,
I have tried all but one of the Clearskin Professional range and have been pretty impressed, So wanted to see how the Clearskin products compared: 

Both the Blackhead clearing and blemish Clearing masks were pretty cheap, and are still half price at the moment from Avons website. I paid just £2.00 for the Blemish Clearing mask and £1.75 for the blackhead clearing mask

'Peel off mask helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and improve skin clarity,
To use: Every p.m after cleansing, cover affected area with a thin layer and allow to dry overnight then peel off in the morning'

Honestly, I really didn't get along with this product as much as I wanted too,
Its quite sticky which is pretty annoying after a while, plus for me- Break outs seem to be around the chin area, Using it here was SO uncomfortable and I just had the urge to scratch it off!
The first time I used it I woke up pretty much in pain, I don't quite know why because after trailing it again I woke up fine, and redness had gone down however traces of the mask seemed to have pealed them self of in the night.
I did find away around the problem though, I started to use it of an evening on break outs until the product dried- I would then peal it off leaving the skin underneath feeling fresh and clean.
Personally this isnt the first product I would reach for if my skin starts to breakout, However it makes a pretty good back up and is something I'll be holding on to.
Click HERE if you want to try this for yourself

'Helps lift out dirt, debris and excess oil which can lead to blackheads, to revive, refresh and deep clean all in one,
To use: Apply a thin layer to face, wait until mask turns white, Rinse thoroughly, use 2-3 times per week'

I had a much better experience with this product, from the first use I really noticed a difference,
I don't use it 2-3 per week- in fact I barely make that many uses a month, I feel like It could be drying on skin if it was used that often, But just using it once or twice every couple of weeks makes a real difference,
This is a product that I will continue to use and will last for ages,
Such a steal at £1.75 click HERE to buy your own

Overall, I really like this range- Despite not having the best experience with the blemish clearing mask,
I really want to try more products. Do you guys use anything from this range? 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Soap & Glory - Thick & Fast

I mentioned a few posts back that I received a free Soap & Glory mascara with Elle magazine,

'This false lash effect mascara creates amazingly, longer, fuller, fabulous lashes. Featuring SUPERFILL™ False Lash Fillers, SHINE AMPLIFIERS, and NOFLAKE24 technology'

I was a little worried about the brush size at first, after trying 'Collection 2000's big false lash effect mascara'- I've tended to stay away from them, That was until I discovered this little beauty! 

The black and pink packaging is pretty simple, although I've always been a huge fan of Soap & Glory's normal fun packaging!

I really enjoyed using this brush- Despite the bush being pretty big the end of it allowed me to get right into the corner lashes.

And now for my shockingly bad before and after images- For some reason I couldn't get the lighting right and ended up using the flash- My eyes just look terrible!

After just one coat, I love the look it gives my lashes. Its quickly become my everyday mascara!

The mascara retails for £10 and can be found here at boots, I definitely see myself buying this over and over again!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Primark beauty nail wraps

I brought these nail wraps a couple of days after Christmas after popping into primark while shopping in the sales, Shockingly- I completely forgot to post about them until now!

I was actually pretty surprised at the tiny price tag, I know Primark is known for being cheap- but a pound for some great looking nail wraps is pretty amazing..

I followed all the instructions listed on the back of the packet, hoping for great results

 Instead I was pretty disappointed, I don't think the nail wraps were to blame, It was my first experience and I just didn't seem to master the art of it. They seemed to break pretty easily and the back just wasn't sticky enough!

I lasted ten minutes before I got really annoyed and pealed all but one off, although I was pretty happy with the end result when I paired it up with Revlon's nail enamel in sliver:

So there you have it my first (And probably last) experience with nail wraps,
I would recommend these to anyone trying nail wraps for the first time, I mean I would have been gutted if I would have paid out for some of the more expensive ones and ended up using one.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Final thoughts:Avon Advance Techniques Damage repair

I'm pretty much in constant battle with my hair, Whenever I cut it it feels miles too short, then when it gets to my preferred length, I start to notice split ends, So when I saw Avon's Advance Techniques Damage repair 5 day rescue treatment reduced to just £1.50, I had to give it a try:

'Formulated with Creatine and Panthenol which help to smooth, strengthen and fortify each strand, to prevent breakage and spilt ends'

For each day you are given a sachet filled with 5ml of product, to apply to clean, towel dried hair- Then style and usual..I was a little worried that the product may cause my hair to feel/look greasy, But I honestly noticed no difference whether I was letting my hair dry naturally overnight or using heat to dry it during the morning..

I really like the idea of having sachets, because they really help in knowing how much product to use.
After just one use my hair felt so much stronger..Since starting the treatment there has been little breakage, I'm seriously impressed by this product! Plus its extremely easy to use, I'm proud to say I managed to repeat the treatment everyday- And I have to be the worlds worst for sticking to a routine.

(Sorry for the terrible image! Its the only one I seem to have)
The product itself felt almost silky, I would rub it into my hair with my finger tips after washing each night. I also really liked the smell of this!

Grab your own treatment for just £1.50 HERE on Avons website!

Monday, 6 February 2012

My latest buys..

Since I've managed to borrow a lead for my phone, I figured I'd show you guys what I picked up over the weekend:

Superdrug Dry Shampoo (Head In The Clouds)- The link is to the 50ml version, although I picked up the 150ml for just 99p.  I'm not to sure why I brought it, I just saw it in Superdrug's window and it was calling my name..I haven't had the chance to use it yet, But It does have a strong smell to it - I do like it, although it does remind me a bit too much of alcohol!

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Intensive Mask and Protection cream - Both cost me just £1.95 from superdrug, both products are really nice sizes and should last me for ages! Lately I have become really aware of the ends of my hair, and want to keep them in good condition- So I cant wait to give these products a try!

The March issue of Elle comes with Soap and Glory's Thick & Fast mascara free! I have really enjoyed using the mascara and cant wait to review it for you guys!

Nivea Pearly Shine - I really wanted to try this product because all of my lip balms seem to be really plain! I really like the smell and taste, and again- I look forward to getting round to reviewing this product.

Nivea Visage, Tinted moisturising day cream- I've wanted to try a tinted moisturiser for a while now, So when I saw this for just £2.02 it went straight into my basket- Again another product that deserves a review! Hopefully I'll catch up in my week off of college next week!

Do you guys own any of these products? What do you make of them?

Thursday, 2 February 2012

More Avon Goodies!

It's official, this addiction is out of control:

Eternal Magic mini Eau de toilette Spay £6.75 £2.00

I am, pretty much in love with my Vera Wang set at the moment, but I wanted a small spray to keep in my bag. I didn't get a chance to smell this before buying, but after reading all the good reviews I decided just to go for it. or £2.00 you really cant go wrong. I'm not to sure about the smell (My blocked nose really doesn't help) but it seems to get better after a while of spraying..
An absolute steal at just £2.00!

Clearskin Professional Invisible blemish treatment £5.00 £1.50

I really like this range from Avon, I now own the whole collection apart from the scrub. It looks really promising and I cant wait to give it a go plus the sale price was amazing so I had to try...

Perfect Wear Make Up Remover £5.00 £1.50

I don't know why I brought this if I'm honest. Probably something to do with the discount knowing me!The first thing I noticed about this product was how small it is! Its seriously tiny (50ml) for a make up remover that was supposedly £5! Despite my first impressions, I am looking forward to using this, I'm always looking for a make up remover that does a good job at removing my eye make up - Fingers crossed, this may be the one!

Advance techniques damage repair 5 day rescue treatment £6.50 £1.50

My hair is in desperate need of help at the moment, so I figured why not give these a try. Inside the box contains five 5ml Sachets which remind me of free samples you are likely to get in magazines..There is not much in the way of instructions for this product, five day treatment? What does that even mean? Am I meant to use the product consecutively for five days? Or is it purely just five of the same product designed for use when i need it? A little help please Avon!

What do you guys make of my new goodies? What Avon products do you love right now?

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lip Love

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for anything cute, Which is why I couldnt resist when I saw these for just £2.50 in the boots sale..

They're great everyday lip balms, If my lips were to dry- I would probably go straight back to my beloved Carmex. But until then, I shall continue to enjoy these lip balms daily. My favourite has to be  Toffee kisses because of the AMAZING smell,
What lip products are you guys using at the moment?