Friday, 20 January 2012

My New Avon Goodies!

This is becoming somewhat of an addiction! I just look over the booklet,and cant resist the bargains!

Avon for me is very hit or miss, Most of the time I love their products, Its just the packaging and shading that lets them down massively! Despite this- I still manage to spend a ridiculous amount on it every month..

I've never tried anything from the Clearskin range, So when I saw they were half price- I had to buy! Considering how much I waste on skin care, my skin isn't actually that bad but it never kills to be prepared for the worse case scenario- Backhead Cleaning deep treatment mask- £3.50 £1.75, Blemish Clearing Peel off mask- £4.00 £2.00

I was about to run out of my beloved 17 Nail Xtra Strengthening Base Coat, So ordered this until I can be bothered to make the run to Boots..Plus it was half price so I figured why not- Base Coat - £5.00 £2.50

I was about to run out of Cleanser, So figured I would give this a try.. It looks promising- Plus it has a pump, which automatically makes it a winner- It's a little let down by the packaging though. I haven't tried it yet- But I'm not a fan of the smell- Solutions Complete Balance oil free foaming cleanser- £5 £3

These are just my first impressions of all of the products, Hopefully I'll review them all soon!
What do you think about Avon?

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