Thursday, 5 January 2012

My GlossyBox experience.

For months I had watched other countless GlossyBox posts made by other bloggers.  I really like the idea of beauty boxes- I think they give everyone a great chance to try out different products. So when I saw the contents of the December  GlossyBox, I knew I had to have it! I hinted at My Mum for a couple of days about the box (I even found her a £5 discount code!) Until to my delight she asked me to help her order myself one on the 19th of December (Which was the last day for ordering, Phew!)
The box was delivered on the 23rd, which I thought was pretty quick with it being so near to Christmas – Although Royal mail had battered the box a fair bit! I wasn’t allowed to open the box until Christmas day. It was the first thing I headed to when I woke up- Which was at 5am thanks to my nine year old sister!
I was really happy with the contents of my Glossy box:

I won’t go into much detail about the products, which I’m sure you’ve heard way to much about from other bloggers. Although one product did really annoy me:

I understand that GlossyBox are catering for a huge audience and cannot make everyone happy, But I sat and filled in questions about my skin, which I assumed would come into consideration. There was even a question which asked my age!
Despite this, overall  I was actually really happy with the box...It was possibly my best present because it was a bit of a surprise, And I loved all of the other products!

My personal favourites had to be; The blink + Go Mascara,  The Hammam Delight shower gel, and of course the glitter polish!  I will probably do independent reviews for them soon, because I like them that much!  So much so that the mascara and shower gel have found themselves in my daily routine!
I didn’t want to make this post until I had cancelled the glossy box account, I haven’t seen much information about cancelling a glossy box account, The website just said ‘you may cancel at any time by emailing with your account details. You may also re-subscribe at a later date. There is no minimum subscription term. ‘ I wasn’t sure what my account details were, So I just filled in my name and Email and told them that I would like to cancel my GlossyBox subscription. I did this on the 28th of December and received a response on the 3rd of January telling me that my subscription had been cancelled.
Personally, If I had the money every month I would definitely love to stay subscribed to them!  I love the idea of a box of surprises coming in the post every month!
Do you guys subscribe to any beauty boxes?

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