Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Avon Extra Lasting Lipstick

I got this with a bundle of Avon goodies for Christmas from my mum [Right before my obsession with Avon became out of control] But with all of my exams this month, I completely forgot about it..

I had pointed this colour out to my Mum in the Avon book a few months ago, I don’t own many lipsticks because I find it hard to match them to my skin tone without making me look like a ghost but the shade looked perfect and subtle for my skin tone. When I received Avon Extra Lasting lipstick in pink peach on Christmas day I couldn’t wait to try it- That was of course until I opened it, and the colour seemed so dark!

In natural light, this colour looks a lot more red- But thanks to my college timetable by the time I get home it’s always dark outside! My first thought was that I’d been given the wrong colour, until I checked the bottom and saw it was definitely right..

I do like this this colour on my lips though- It’s something I would wear out, Its just a little too bold or my daily look - Avon promises ‘8 hours of lasting colour’ I haven’t actually tried it for that long yet so I can’t really comment- Although I will say  I tested the colour again on my arm over an hour ago and it refuses to budge without water!

The packaging of this product is actually pretty thin for a lipstick, compared to my Barry M one it seems tiny despite it being a fair bit taller:

Because of the packaging being so 'skinny', I worry that the casing could be more prone to breaking. Although I do think If the product is good, the packaging shouldn't bother you too much, its what's inside of it which you should focus on [Just don't go putting any weight on it- It will snap like a twig!]

Overall, I do think this is  lipstick is good value [Normally £7, but Avon are great with their deals] It  Just was not what I was expecting, So I would recommend asking an avon rep about colours before buying. The application was great and it didn't feel too drying on my lips. Although I think it's something that will have to go towards the back of my draw until I feel bold enough to wear it:

Do you own any Avon lipsticks?

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  1. I am just about to buy one of these. I am quite tanned though so not sure what colour to chose. I was thinking 'Lasting Pink' any suggestions?