Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town..

Yes, I plan on having unrelated Christmasy titles until the big day comes :]
I thought I'd share a quick post while I have a break from studying for my law exam..
My latest Christmasy find is this stunning nail colour in Emerald green from Barry M,

The colour is amazing! I've had a bunch of comments since putting it on Monday,

I do have one issue with it though, Which is so annoying because I love the shimmer to it so much.. It just takes a lifetime to dry! It goes into that sticky nearly dry stage for what seems like a lifetime,I have so many marks from falling asleep on it- But luckily the shimmer of it does kind of mask them, but its not the point..I hate when nail varnishes take forever to dry!
What do you guys make of this colour?

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