Friday, 30 December 2011

No7 and Poppy King

For as long as I can remember I’ve been up at the crack of dawn boxing day to hit the shops. This year was no different in fact- the only reason I eventually headed home was because my arms simply couldn’t carry more! Needless to say, I was back again the next day!
I found myself in Boots on both days, I find their sale is great. Gifts are always 50% off, Which gives everyone a great chance to try different products at great prices. Armed with a purse full of Christmas money I hit boots on boxing day, I was looking for a nail art set I had spotted before Christmas day- but sadly in both of my local boots they been snapped up, although that didn’t stop me from spending a ridiculous amount cosmetics! I picked up a poppy king lip palette and lip gloss set along with a few other items on boxing day- But fell so in love with the collection I went back for the lip and cheek duo the next day!
The cracker shaped Item contained two amazing lip glosses – No7 and Poppy King Celebrate Sultry & Stunning, Rich year sheer colours designed by Poppy King to Give your lips that Sultry & Stunning look!’

The set contained two lip glosses, for just £6! Plum and deep wine lip gloss;
The darker colour is definitely my favourite! Its not too overpowering, But at the same time it gives your lips a lovely colour.
My second Poppy King buy was the palette of lip shades- No7 and Poppy King Celebrate Cheeky & Cheerful, A special palette of lip shades designed for cheeky nights and cheerful days!’
I haven't actually used this palette yet, It is just too pretty! And at just £5 a total steal!

A thing I love about this product is the brush! It isn't a cheap one you expect in a palette- Its actually of a great quality and I look forward to using it!

The last item I brought was a cheek and lip tint set- No7 and Poppy King celebrate Balmy & Beautiful, Soft and natural colours desgined by Poppy King to tint and treat your lips and cheeks!’

Have I mentioned how much I adore the Poppy King packaging!?

The set contains a lip and cheek multiple and blotting papers

At just £5 this was a complete bargain! The shade’s are perfect for pale skin!

Have you found any good sale buys yet?

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