Sunday, 18 September 2011

No7 Stay perfect nails.

While boots were giving out money off vouchers I picked up some more No7 stay perfect nails, I got this is Practically perfect and I also picked up the ranges top coat.
Practically Perfect promises a quick drying Ultra gloss finish;
The nail colour on its own looks great;

But to get the colour above it takes several coats, Which I hate because the nail polish becomes sticky and easier to mark. It also has a bigger tendency to peel.
So I figured it would make a nice base coat for a manicure, Below is how my nails looked with just one coat of Practically perfect;


The great thing about this polish is how fast drying it is, Within minutes my nails were completely dry, I then applied guides and painted the tip white, afterwards I used No7’s stay perfect top coat and here was the outcome;

The topcoat is AMAZING, Its fast drying and looks great. It gives your nails that salon outcome. They also feel so smooth as well.

The white was just one from a set, because I have lost mine, Normally It just chips- But with this top coat it lasted a good couple of days.

Over all the Stay Perfect top coat is something I will continue to use and re buy,
£7 may seem costly- But its worth it!

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