Monday, 5 September 2011

MaxFactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint

I picked up Maxfactors Lipfinity Lasting Lip tint in Boots in shade four (Berry Burst) for £7.99 in my local boots;

The lip tint basically looks like a felt tip pen , Which makes for an easy appilcation, When it comes to lips, I can be compeletely rubbish if I’m honest, But this lip tint was so much easier to apply because you have the finner bit at the top of it,

The colour seems a little darker when you put in on (With even a slight bit of red)
Excuse the rubbish image- For some reason my camera finds it impossible to focus!

I hope this image makes it easier to see the colour:

Personally I think this is a great product, not only does it look and work great. It has such a professional look. I have heard about its downsides though, Many have said the product dried fast, I can’t comment on that because this hasn’t happened to me (yet). Although I hope it doesn’t, I’ll be gutted!

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