Friday, 30 September 2011

My Heart's Desire

While shopping I noticed this cute little blusher on sale;
At the bargain price of a pound I had to have it!

Inside is just too sweet! With little hearts (Just like bronzer balls)

The blush is the perfect colour for my skin tone, Its a product I would use often;

I'm really liking Primarks make up range right now, Its so cheap yet the quality is great!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Glo Baby Glo!

While shopping over the weekend, I picked up a few cheap goodies,
I love the packaging of the Primark make up range- Its so pretty!
I've never really tried the products, but this colour caught my eye;

 I've been looking for a nice lilacy colour for a while now, This was perfect!
Normally the 'Glo baby Glo' polishes are £2, But this was discounted to only £1!
Above is how the polish looked ( I also used 17 nail xtras strengthening base coat, and No7 Stay perfect top coat)
A wonderful result at such a low price! I know I'm going back for more!
Have you ever tried any Primark make up products?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

No7 Stay perfect nails.

While boots were giving out money off vouchers I picked up some more No7 stay perfect nails, I got this is Practically perfect and I also picked up the ranges top coat.
Practically Perfect promises a quick drying Ultra gloss finish;
The nail colour on its own looks great;

But to get the colour above it takes several coats, Which I hate because the nail polish becomes sticky and easier to mark. It also has a bigger tendency to peel.
So I figured it would make a nice base coat for a manicure, Below is how my nails looked with just one coat of Practically perfect;


The great thing about this polish is how fast drying it is, Within minutes my nails were completely dry, I then applied guides and painted the tip white, afterwards I used No7’s stay perfect top coat and here was the outcome;

The topcoat is AMAZING, Its fast drying and looks great. It gives your nails that salon outcome. They also feel so smooth as well.

The white was just one from a set, because I have lost mine, Normally It just chips- But with this top coat it lasted a good couple of days.

Over all the Stay Perfect top coat is something I will continue to use and re buy,
£7 may seem costly- But its worth it!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

MaxFactor False Lash Effect Fusion!

MaxFactors mascaras have always been my favourite, Before picking up False Lash effect Fusion I was using the normal False lash effect daily. False lash effect fusion has pretty much the design as the normal false lash effect, Both have the same size and contain 13.1 ml. The only obvious difference on the packaging is the colour. Personally I prefer the black professional look of the False lash effect, but I do love the colour of the Fusion!

If I’m honest I didn’t see a huge amount of difference in the brushes either, I do however think the fusion brush is slightly bigger than the other (I will point out the left brush is False Lash Effect Fusion and is in a brown/Black, While the left is False Lash Effect in black)
As with most MaxFactor Mascaras, I was a fan of false lash effect Fusion, Here are a couple of images of it on;

The results were great, although I'm not my lashes looked 'False'
What do you make of this product?

Monday, 5 September 2011

MaxFactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint

I picked up Maxfactors Lipfinity Lasting Lip tint in Boots in shade four (Berry Burst) for £7.99 in my local boots;

The lip tint basically looks like a felt tip pen , Which makes for an easy appilcation, When it comes to lips, I can be compeletely rubbish if I’m honest, But this lip tint was so much easier to apply because you have the finner bit at the top of it,

The colour seems a little darker when you put in on (With even a slight bit of red)
Excuse the rubbish image- For some reason my camera finds it impossible to focus!

I hope this image makes it easier to see the colour:

Personally I think this is a great product, not only does it look and work great. It has such a professional look. I have heard about its downsides though, Many have said the product dried fast, I can’t comment on that because this hasn’t happened to me (yet). Although I hope it doesn’t, I’ll be gutted!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Nicole by Opi

Knowing my love for glitter and nail polish, one of my relatives picked me up some OPI while in America;

I've wanted to own OPI for such a long time, But its so expensive here compered to America!

Originally I had asked my relative to look out for 'Last Friday Night', but nowhere seemed to have it in stock and so she asked for the nearest colour to it, Which turned out to be this lovely blue ('Me+Blue')
I'm so pleased with the colour it looks great! And it dried so fast! The brush was great making application so easy! I will definitely consider paying the prices over here to get my hands on some more opi!