Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Today’s Bargains

While shopping today I picked up a few great deals:

1)      The love to lounge bag I spotted in Primark for just a pound, Down from £4, It is a great size for storing my make-up items, and at such a good price, who could pass on the offer.
2)      While helping my younger sister pick out a t-shirt in sports direct I saw a range of an accessories- I had no idea they sold stuff like this,  I found this nail buffer which was 4.99 reduced to £1.99, Since I’m a lover of nails I had to buy it. You can buy it HERE for even cheaper at £1.50
3)      I was in need for some hair clips so found these also in sports direct, reduced to 99p from £2.99, Personally I wouldn’t have paid £2.99 for them, But since they were in the sale and I need clips I picked them up, You can buy them by clicking HERE
4)    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Collection 2000’s ‘Big fake false lash effect mascara’ so decided to pick one up today while in Superdrug, I’m lover of false lash effect mascaras so cant wait to try it, I hope to review it soon. Click HERE to buy

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